Topical Magazine,
Providing the most gripping stories and commentary, Topical Magazine helps you make sense of a rapidly changing world.

What is Topical Magazine? 

With a team of academics, activists, and commentators, we offer something unique. We know what topics you care about and we examine them in accessible and savvy ways. Whether breaking developments in technology, scientific discoveries, or controversial cultural stories, Topical Magazine provides state-of-the-art insights.

Doing a lot of research and sifting the internet, we uncover the topics that matter to you. We work hard to listen to our readers, keeping abreast of narrative trends and devising new insights. We are always one step ahead giving the analysis and commentary you need.

How are we different? 

We know readers have become suspicious of the media, and rightly so. Too many platforms have shown themselves short-sighted, failing to deliver the stories you need in the right way. Yet, we know readers are seeking an outlet they can trust. Topical Magazine is proud to be that trusted outlet.

We aim to give you balance and objectivity. We make sure what you read is well-researched, far-sighted, and free of subterfuge. Ensuring we have a rigorous vetting procedure, our writers are second to none.

Topical Magazine only publishes pieces that are, as our name suggests, topical. Additionally, our articles discuss niche subjects in an intellectual yet accessible manner.

What if I want to get involved? 

Do you care about science, culture, technology, and lifestyle? Do you have what it takes to offer new perspectives in accessible ways? If so, we want to hear from you! We are on the lookout for talented writers to join the budding Topical team. Please drop us a message today and speak with our team about how you can get involved.